3rd International Conference on Agricultural Postharvest Handling and Processing

“Agricultural Postharvest Handling and Processing Innovation: Strengthening Global Food Security”


Hybrid Conference, October 12-13th 2021, Bogor – Indonesia (GMT +7)


FAO reported that the number of people facing food insecurity rose about 60 million during 2014-2019.  The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 is estimated to have dramatically increased the number due to several factors, including major disruptions to food systems. The need for a holistic approach to strengthening food security has been underlined. Among the approach is building more resilient food systems through adoption of innovative technologies and one area of focus is hastening agricultural postharvest handling and processing innovation.


In light of this, the 3rd International Conference on Agricultural Postharvest Handling and Processing (ICAPHP) will be held from 24-26 August 2021, following the successful 1st and 2nd ICAPHP series in 2013 and 2018, respectively. The theme of the 3rd ICAPHP is “Agricultural Postharvest Handling and Processing Innovation: Strengthening Global Food Security”. The conference will aim to bring together national and international researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers, regulators, students, and communities to share and discuss their latest works, best practices, and knowledge in the field of agricultural postharvest handling and processing, and related areas strengthening food security. The 3rd ICAPHP will be a combination of online and limited offline conference implementing the Covid-19 precautions.

Due to the pandemic situation in Indonesia and looking at the curve of Covid-19 case that will reach its peak in around August 2021, The ICAPHP Organizing Committee members regret to inform you that we have to postpone ICAPHP 3 from 24-26 August 2021 in Bandung-Indonesia, to 12-13 October 2021 in Bogor- Indonesia.


  • Agricultural postharvest handling and processing technology
  • Food losses, agricultural waste and by product valorization
  • Food quality, safety and functionality
  • Agricultural postharvest innovation


  • Dr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo (Ministry of Agriculture): Strengthening Global Food Security
  • Divine Nganje Njie, PhD (Food and Agriculture Organization): Food Losses, Food Waste, and Food Security
  • Prof. Dr. Bustanul Arifin (University of Lampung, Institute for Development of Economic and Finance), Indonesia:Logistics and Food Distribution
  • Prof. Mike Gidley (Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, QAAFI, The Univ of Queensland), Australia: Food quality, safety, and functionality – relevance to nutrition security
  • Prof. Dr. S. Joni Munarso (The Indonesian Association of Agricultural Post Harvest Technologists), Indonesia: Postharvest Technology Innovation
  • Prof. Shigeru Hayakawa (Kagawa University, International Society of Rare Sugar), Japan:Postharvest Innovation Management
  • Prof. Dr. Ludovic Montastuc (University of ENSIACET, Toulouse), France: Biomass Valorization
  • Prof. Dr. Bambang Prasetya  (National Standarization Agency for Indonesia), Indonesia: National Standard for Food Products

Important Dates :

Abstract submission deadline


May 30, 2021



June 5, 2021

Full paper submission


August 17, 2021

Conference Event


October 12-13, 2021

Proceeding 1st ICAPHP: Jakarta, November 19-21th 2013:

“Breakthrough in Postharvest and Processing Technology as The Backbone of Tomorrow’s Green Economy”

Proceeding 2nd ICAPHP: Bali, August 29-31th 2018:

“Emerging Agriculture Postharvest Technology: Toward Global Market”